Join us TODAY for #TalkingIsAFreeAction wt @WinterNatters & @NickandKnack exploring the Question Dungeon! 6pm GMT/10am PT at

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Have we got a tale for you!

On 11/28 we kick off a new #MondayNightMayhem w/ classic fairy tale characters fighting against ancient evil.

➡️Mon., 7-10pm CST

GM: @KevranGames
With players: @BethMaczko @DnDevious @jhevaunte @carollo_rachel #dnd5e

20% off Of Mercanes and Megapedes, a Spelljammer Adventure by @DMCharlieGaming and me on #dmsguild!

We're kicking off a new quest with an incredible party of adventurers!

Connect: @d_mdave @BrianaDeCoster @dungeonmisterty @MinnesotaMuse99 @LemarTheConGuy

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Fables hype!!
Checkout @GhostfireG Gaming's latest Crowdfund, Grim Hollow: Citadel of the Unseen Sun #BackerKit #DND #5e #GrimHollow

All of my backlog (except for Player Interviews which will be up in the next day or so) is up in podcast format now! For folks who don't wanna deal with the YT app haha

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